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Who are Accredited Investors?

  • SEBI has approved the framework for Accredited Investors (AI) for the Indian securities market in 2021 with an aim to create lighter regulations for a class of investors, who are equipped with good industry knowledge.

  • In the AI framework, you can invest with ticket sizes that are lower than the stipulated minimum amount in AIFs. Hence, if you are an independent investor, own a business, or are part of a family trust/Hindu Undivided Family and meet the Eligibility Criteria mentioned below, we will help you secure your AI certificate from a SEBI-recognized agency, and further let you invest in AIFs with ticket size starting as low as few lakhs of rupees.

Eligibility Criteria


Annual Income equal to or greater than INR 2 crores


Net Worth (NW) equal to or greater than INR 7.5 crores (min INR 3.75 crores in the form of financial assests)


Annual income of at least INR 1 crore and NW of at least INR 5 crores (min INR 2.5 crores in the form of financial assets)

* Value of the primary residence of the individual, Karta of HUF and the Sole Proprietor, respectively, shall not be considered for NW calculation.

Note: If investments are jointly held and the holders are parent and children at least one member must fulfil the eligibility criteria to qualify as Accredited Investors. If the joint holders are spouses their combined income/net worth will be considered.

Accredited Investor Certification

We will help you get an Accredited Investors certificate from Accredited Agencies like

  • BSE Administration & Supervision Ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of BSE Ltd)
  • CDSL Ventures Limited (wholly owned subsidiary of CDSL)
  • NSDL Database Management Ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of NSDL)

The ACCREDITED INVESTOR certificate will contain

  • A unique accreditation number
  • Name of the accreditation agency
  • Your PAN number
  • Validity of accreditation (either one year or two-year periods based on the financial information)